What we ask for

Your token has a real utility in your project (for an ICO)
Your service is global, not local (for an ICO)
You are planning on being legally compliant
You have a sufficient budget for the ICO / STO
Depending on your project’s progress, we offer two types of services:

Early stage projects
Feasibility study
This study’s goal is to assess the viability and relevance of an ICO/STO operation, before engaging too many resources in the process.

Analysis report
This report will provide an in-depth analysis of your ICO/STO project to highlight any red flags and provide recommendations to improve them.
If you are interested, please contact us here : [email protected]

Your project is well defined and you are ready to move on to the operational phase
Our services aim to meet all the needs an ICO/STO project has: strategic, technical, legal, adapted marketing & communication, etc.
To allow us to offer the most adapted support, we invite you to fill in the following form (for an ICO) or to write us to [email protected] (for a STO). We will come back to you shortly.