What we ask for

  • Your token has a real utility in your project, and it follows a decentralized logic grounded on blockchain technologies
  • Your service is global, not local
  • You are planning on being legally compliant 
  • You have a sufficient budget for the ICO

Depending on your project’s progress, we offer two types of services:

Early stage projects

Feasibility study
This study’s goal is to assess the viability and relevance of an ICO operation to finance your project, before engaging too many resources in the ICO process.
Analysis report 
This report will provide an in-depth analysis of your ICO project to highlight any red flags and provide recommendations to improve them.
If you are interested, please contact us here :

Your project is well defined and you are ready to move on to the operational phase

Our ICO services aim to meet all the needs an ICO project has: strategic, technical, legal, adapted marketing & communication, etc.
To allow us to offer the most adapted support, we invite you to fill the following form. We will come back to you shortly.


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