About us

ICO Mentor, a hub of Blockchain Partner

Blockchain Partner is the French leader in blockchain & tokens services.

100+ companies advised. 20+ blockchain projects built for large companies and public institutions (BNP Paribas, State of Geneva, L’Oreal…).
Eg : the project we developed at the Bank of France is first blockchain implementation for a central bank in the world.
Deeply committed to the development of the crypto sphere: several great events organized, numerous publications (research, reports, book), etc.
Public Authorities relations: auditions at the French parliament, regular meetings with top political leaders and members of UE parliament, etc.
Our team

Clément Jenneau
Cofounder Blockchain Partner

Head of ICO / STO services

Author of numerous publications on cryptoassets & tokens

Maxime Hagenbourger
Chief Technical Officer Blockchain Partner

Expert in smart contracts development

Deep knowledge of Ethereum and the crypto sphere ​

Augustin de Maintenant
ICO/STO Analyst & Project Manager

10+ ICO/STO projects advised

Crypto-investor and expert in token models ​

Philippe Métais
Developer, mastering the main blockchain protocols

Engineer in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

Cryptography specialist

Alexandre Stachtchenko
Cofounder Blockchain Partner

Partner Expert in crypto business models and tokenomics

Many top executives advised in their blockchain strategy

Why should you work with us ?

One of the most recognized companies on blockchain & crypto-assets
Blockchain Partner is the French leader of blockchain consulting. We have trained & advised ⅓ of CAC 40 companies. We also have built the first Proof of Concept (BNP Paribas) and production ready projects (Bank of France) in France.

A team of crypto-assets pioneers
Our team is composed of several pioneers in the french blockchain ecosystem. Emilien Dutang and Adrien Lafuma, both cofounders, have been working on the main protocols (Bitcoin, Ethereum, nxt…) since 2012 and have created several companies in the field (MasterXchange, BTCOracle & Labo Blockchain, before Blockchain Partner). Our team of developers has been building applications on Ethereum for several years.

A privileged access to wealthy crypto-investors
Our experience in the blockchain & crypto-assets ecosystem, our participation in meetings and events in Europe and worldwide have led us to build a high-quality network of qualified crypto-investors, that turns out to be very precious in order to promote an ICO inside investors communities.

Ethical and transparent
Our philosophy is clear : we only provide services and counseling to projects for which an ICO makes sense, and are willing to comply, with us, with the ethical principles that are essential in this early ecosystem. This is what led us to publish, for example, an opinion piece on ICO transparency, signed by numerous well-known actors of the French blockchain ecosystem. Generally speaking, we invite you to check the reputation, methods and backgrounds of everyone before choosing who will be supporting you during your ICO…

A rare experience in ICO
We are among the first in France to have provided services for ICOs, and therefore know best practices, mistakes to avoid etc. for this very particular kind of operation.


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